RRQ E05: Epic Fail – Gaming Disasters
by Rohan


Episode 05:
“Epic Fail – Gaming Mistakes & Disasters”
with special guest Nate “Blunty3000″ Burr

During one of our fairly common drinking-and-gaming sessions, an idea popped up: Why not devote a podcast to all the things that have gone wrong with gaming? From niggling but constantly-recurring game design mistakes to whole consoles that failed to launch, it seemed the perfect topic for our next big discussion.

It also seemed appropriate to bring on one of youtube’s most creative rantists (yes, I’m inventing that word if it doesn’t already exist) Blunty3000.

So, join us for a 90 minute exploration of all the things that gaming has done wrong – either by ineptitude,  publisher intervention or just plain old bad luck.

Topics brought up include:

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18 Responses to “RRQ E05: Epic Fail – Gaming Disasters”

  1. gripstate says:

    jeremy is a fanboy, its really obvious…get rid of him

  2. Rohan says:

    Fanboy… of what? He spent most of the podcast ranting, same as the rest of us! :-)

  3. Nick says:

    Another fail is the Xbox 360′s inability to use HDMI and the component at the same time since the component is so unneccesarily large it blocks the hdmi. I use the HDMI for my tv and component for surround sound so…

  4. Raine says:

    Hey Nick,although it is a fail, you can simply just open up the component cables gray box and just plug in the metal part. Extra cords ftw.

  5. CaptainRufus says:

    I just bent both of the cables slightly and fit perfectly.

  6. Jeremy says:

    Maybe “gripstate” is hurt that I was so critical of Microsoft. Some people equate that with “fanboyism” of Sony or something.

    He did hear us slam the PSP, right?

    It’s quite amusing: of all the insults I’ve had directed my way, “fanboy” is a new one.

    EDIT: I think the complaint comes from one of Blunty’s commenters. Serves me right for looking forward to God of War 3 this week.

  7. Kipp says:

    Umm.. You can just create a disc image and run that with daemon tools lite… So you don’t really need a no-DVD crack.

    Enjoy your gaming!

  8. Jeremy says:

    Unless the game’s DRM shuts it down if it detects daemon tools…

  9. Orionsaint says:

    Tomb Raider Underground’s DLC, Lara’s Shadow had you redoing the entire level, but now certain things had change. This was done to make the DLC seem longer. So you feel like you got your money’s worth.

  10. Lloyd says:

    I vote Epic Fail for Space Quest 6 and the Case of the Missing Copy Protection, which apparently, wasn’t meant to be copy protection at all! They just removed the inventory item from the game which was necessary to complete the datacorder puzzle. Good one, Sierra- Give us a game we can’t finish without blind luck.

  11. you mum says:

    the 3do my god so bad and atarl games

  12. James says:

    i think that another fail is the degridation of gaming in general
    now all PC games are full of hackers,
    and the console games dont have usermade maps
    god the only good game out there is UT 1999
    i play that all day now adays still havent scratched like a quarter of the maps mods and custom gametypes

  13. si1foo says:

    the reason they dont set it so any button would work is proberly because it means there would be more code and the reason why it is they have the bit with the press X button is something they forgot to take out but could be improved if they made it a powersave feature

  14. Jon says:

    Wow…Jeremy dosen’t seem to know much about games at all, the hole reason to bash buttons repeatedly is to represenet the video game muscle tension, if you get grabbed by someone in real life one push wont always get someone off with one push…><. Plus he sounds like a hyperactive child,so.

  15. Squidge says:

    @ Kipp. No, you cannot just make a disc image and run a virtual disc. There are shit tons of games that DO NOT work using that method. Bioshock is the best example.

  16. Jeremy says:

    Jon, I know what they’re trying to represent. I’m saying that damaging controllers and giving gamers RSI is not the best way to do it.

  17. Mike says:

    Yaaaaaaaaay! I love RRQ! It is truly genius! Cant wait until the next one!

  18. Jake says:

    on the pirating subject. There was a cart copper for the snes. If Earth-bound was running from a cart copper it would spawn more baddies and also then crash at the final boss and delete the save data.

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