Microsoft taunts Australians
by Jeremy

Dear Microsoft,

You know that I live in Australia.

If you have a promotion from which you’ve decided you will exclude Australians, would you mind not telling me about it? Would you mind not sending me an email offering me all these “benefits” that you’re planning to block me from enjoying? Would you mind not suggesting that I participate in “Xbox LIVE Rewards” given that when I spend the time hunting down a password and signing in to your service, you will then tell me “Unfortunately, residents of your area are not eligible to participate in Xbox LIVE Rewards”.

So why the bloody hell did you send me an email taunting me with them?

In summary, get stuffed.

Yours sincerely,


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  1. si1foo says:

    will you be making more podcasts on a more regular bases

  2. si1foo says:

    ohh and a game you might like to check out is dynasty warriors gundam 3 altough i recormend buying number 2 before hand if you are new the hack and slash games

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