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RRQ E05: Epic Fail – Gaming Disasters

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


Episode 05:
“Epic Fail – Gaming Mistakes & Disasters”
with special guest Nate “Blunty3000″ Burr

During one of our fairly common drinking-and-gaming sessions, an idea popped up: Why not devote a podcast to all the things that have gone wrong with gaming? From niggling but constantly-recurring game design mistakes to whole consoles that failed to launch, it seemed the perfect topic for our next big discussion.

It also seemed appropriate to bring on one of youtube’s most creative rantists (yes, I’m inventing that word if it doesn’t already exist) Blunty3000.

So, join us for a 90 minute exploration of all the things that gaming has done wrong – either by ineptitude,  publisher intervention or just plain old bad luck.

Topics brought up include: